January 15, 2009

Sick...or not

Well, The Girl is sick again...or so she says. I'm hesitant to say she's not sick, because last time 10 minutes after I made that comment she was throwing up in the bathroom.

Today I receive a call from the nurse and she tells me that The Girl is sick...I ask the usual questions "Is she running a fever?" "Did anyone really hear her throw up?" "Does she look pale?" No...well then send her happy hiney right back to class. Do I want to talk to her? No not really, but sure why the heck not. "See if you feel better after you eat lunch and call me back then" BYE...momma has work to do

An hour later...The Man calls "Hey, the nurse from The Girl's school just called and she is sick" INSERT BIG GIANT SIGH HERE x... OK, I'm on my way.

Now, why in the world won't the nurse listen to me when I say that The Girl is a drama queen. I love her, I really do. But seriously, this happens at least 5-6 times per school year. We are on the 3rd time now.

Good news is, I got her back to the office and she appears to be just fine. No tummy problems, no trips to the bathroom, no loss of color in her face, no lack of talking. She is hungry and ready for lunch.

Big surprise!