January 5, 2009

Onward to 2009

Another year has passed and the coming year has so much to look forward to. So many possibilities, so many things that are just waiting for us.

I wanted to get this posted earlier, but well...we have a new puppy...and EVERYTHING got put on hold for her. 2008 was a crazy year, but still wonderful. I learned so many things about myself and about those around me.

The year started off pretty non-eventful. I made a decision that it was time for me to find a new job. The one I had at the time could no longer offer me the room to grow and looked like it was heading towards closing it's doors. We came to work every day just to "wait" and see what was going to happen with the company. Now a year later, i'm so glad i left when I did. I accepted an offer with another company because the one I really wanted seemed to be a fantasy out of reach. But as luck would have it...they offered me the job less than 3 months later. If it hadn't been so close to home and a really good opportunity, I probably wouldn't have taken it. But I did, and for the most part it is great. It has it's ups and downs, like any job. I am learning something every day. I am challenged all the time.

I learned some things about myself this year. I learned that I expect too much out of other people. I have this fairy tale world in my head that we can all be friends and everyone can get along. HA. That was pretty funny wasn't it. I learned that I get frustrated when I give and give and don't get anything back. I try to be a good friend and listen when things are going haywire in someone else's life and I try to be whatever it is they need from me. The problem is that it generally is not returned. It is not always a two way road, and that's ok. I have learned that sometimes I am just meant to be the listener.

I like to be independent. I like to not always complain. I like that The Man and I have found a place that I don't always have something to gripe about. I think that I go so long trying so hard not to complain and not to whine about lifes little problems that when I do, there isn't time for them to stop long enough to listen to me. And that's ok.

I realized this year that sometimes I just need someone to call me and ask how I am...and really want to hear the answer.

I realized that sometimes I say things and they come out all wrong. That sometimes I unintentionally hurt someones feelings. I am sorry. I learned that some people don't know me well enough to know that I would never say something mean on purpose.

I watched my best friend go thru loosing her mother this year, far too early. I realized many things throughout that journey. I learned that no matter what, the fighting and the arguing just isn't worth it. I learned that we may not always know what we needed to know and that has to be ok. I learned that you shouldn't hide what ails you, and you shouldn't ask others to hide it either. Let those that love you, love you. Let them be sad, let them remember, let them help. I learned that children have an amazing gift to see things simply and for what they are.

I learned this year that I have a passion for photography. My hearts desire is to start a photography business. I learned that I don't have any idea what that involves... I learned that I can do so much.

I learned that I love The Man more than I could ever imagine. I am so proud of us and what we have overcome. I hope we are a truly good example to our children of what a good happy marriage is.

I learned that we can be in a crowded bar, in a room with a group of people or really anywhere and be just as happy talking to each other rather than everyone else.

I learned that I miss my kids when they are gone.

I learned that 30 minutes after we get home...I'm already ready for them to travel again. :)

I learned that I really look forward to the sweet little text messages that I receive from someone special. She really knows how to start a day or brighten the end of it. Even when "some days just suck"

I'm sure there are so many other things, but for now - this is what is on my mind.

I can't wait for 2009 to show me everything it's got in store for me. I hope that the coming year is wonderful for all of us. I feel very blessed this year and if all works out...2009 will be just as great as 2008 was.

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Those Crazy Scotts said...

I pray that 2009 will be even better than 2008 and that I always attempt to give you more than I receive from you as a friend. Your growing into a truly gifted photographer and I believe you will just soar with this adventure!