January 8, 2009

Funny things heard around the office

We have an interesting group that works here...very interesting.

I have two guys that pretend they are pirates; one VERY white guy that we call Habib; a sweet little old lady answering the phones that constantly hangs up on people...and the list just goes on and on. As I was sitting in my office today I heard something funny and thought about how often something ridiculous is said or just happens and figured I'd just start writing about it...so this is the first installment of "Funny things heard around the office"

~ As I walk by the receptionist desk and peer into the freshly refilled candy jar, she looks up at me and says - "you know, those Jolly Rogers might help your throat". Jolly Rogers = Jolly Ranchers

You have to just smile and laugh internally, because lord knows - she really believes that's what they are called.