March 18, 2009


How in the heck did this happen?  I have the flippin' flu.  I haven't been around anyone sick, I felt perfectly fine when I woke up yesterday.  Yet was confirmed.  I have the flippin' flu. And OF COURSE it is the strain that can't be treated.  Don't you know that I don't have time to be sick??  We are leaving next weekend for San Francisco... i HAVE to be better by then.

I have coughed so freakin' much that I swear some part of my throat is just going to fall out.  

I told The Wise One tonight that I am starting to feel like a hypochondriac...there is ALWAYS something wrong.  Maybe I need to start taking a vitamin. I mean really, this is getting a little out of control.  Let's not forget that while all this is going stupid stitch has decided that 4 weeks after the fact it is going to bust open and start bleeding...

For the love of Pete, who in the world has this much go wrong??

Whatever, it's just another off to do some homework.  Oh, and I totally expect to feel better with the next post on here.


Lucy said...

i feel the same way! i've been coughing so much and so hard that I swear i'm going to pop a lung. only my doctor says it's just going around and there's nothing to do for it :(

Mommaloo said...

I'm sure feeling sick...along with everything else only makes it worse. You are in my thoughts.

Those Crazy Scotts said...

I had it a month or so ago...Chloraseptic Max Cough Drops were the BEST!!!