March 23, 2009

The Little Mermaid

Ok....really, how long is it normal to loose your voice?? I google'd it, because you know I always ask the almighty Google when in doubt, and the great solution I got was to rest your voice for a week....REALLY??? Have you met me? I can't go 5 minutes without talking...

I called the dr, because SURELY there is SOMETHING they can give me that will magically make it come back...and of course I missed that magic hour. You know the one....please make sure all calls are in by 1:00 if you want an answer today. I missed it apparently by a few minutes. So I'll just wait until tomorrow morning for my magic medicine that will give me my voice back.

HA...makes me think of The Little Mermaid...she gives away her voice for a chance to be human...I wonder what the heck I traded???

We leave for San Francisco this Friday...WOO HOO I still have to get these darn capris altered...I wonder if I can just make a cuff out of them by rolling them up...gonna try that tonight.

I just made a schedule for the In Laws so they will know where they have to be and when...HA I bet they had NO idea what they were getting themselves into...(insert evil little giggle here)

Now, I'm off to make my list of what has to be packed...can't forget anything