December 30, 2008

A quick update

Oh, I know that I need to get on here and post a little bit, but darnit my kids are away...and i'm enjoying my time. We had a great trip back home and got to see everyone, open presents, drink a little, you know...just a good time.

Took a couple of pictures...surprised right?

Made some gingerbread houses...

OH yeah, took some more pictures

Drove home on Christmas day, went to Billy Bobs for the first time (did the Cha Cha Glide YEAH ME) and went back to work.

OH and we are adopting a sweet baby girl Boxer tonight....I CAN'T WAIT. The kids don't know shhhhhh. I'll try to post pictures of her tomorrow.

So that's the short and sweet of the last week. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas...maybe i can post a normal post on here soon.