November 4, 2009

The Boy

The Boy is trying out for basketball today and started back up with the select soccer team...AND he has regional tryouts for band next weekend. Busy? yeah, maybe just a little.

His grades are slipping because he extremely lazy when it comes to his do you motivate someone?

The greatest thing through all of this though (The Man not working) is that their relationship has grown considerably. The Boy is really starting to open up and talk and ask questions.

Some questions I would rather not know about...but I guess you can't be picky.

He really is struggling right now, trying to find out who he is and how he fits into the puzzle. He got super upset the other day because he is not, tall, strong, athletic, and handsome. While he is in my eyes, I do understand that compared to the other boys he is surrounded by, he does not measure up physically. We had a long conversation about how he needs to learn to be comfortable in his own skin and know that he is an amazing person and THAT is what really matters. I know that it isn't important right now, but in the long run, he has to be ok with who he is in spite of his physical appearance.

Of course, as I tell him all of this, I also acknowledge that I wasn't comfortable in my own skin until just a few years ago. I hope he finds his way LONG before I did.

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Lorrie Prothero said...

It's been a while since I've caught up on your blog, but I am so glad to hear that peer issues are what is troubling your son right now. What I mean is that I was coming back to your blog to see how things were going with him and praying that things are okay for him. If he is going through the aches and pains of normal teenage issues, I am so happy for him and your family. ;)

your "little bit behind" blog follower,