September 27, 2009

Woo! What a weekend

This weekend was jam packed..and I am exhausted. It is 8:00pm and I am currently trying to figure out how to go to sleep without anyone noticing.

Yesterday, The Girl had two softball games and a football game to cheer. Then both kids spent the night with some friends. This morning started off with a baby shoot and then a boudoir shoot this afternoon. Super super busy.

Right now we are watching The Wizard Of Oz. Did you know this movie was made in 1939??? That just seems crazy to me. The Man told the kids tonight that Nanny & Papa grew up watching this movie. That really blew my mind. It's funny how we don't think of those things. It's hard to imagine a movie has stood the test of time like this one and still makes little kids glaze over and fall in love with it.

The Boy thought he was too cool to watch it...but as he ran to change into his pj's he asked me to pause the movie. I decided NOT to tease him about it and just enjoy the moment.